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Feel ya, but if u ask me it sadly is to late to change the road smite is on. For sure i can only guess how much time there is left for smite beeing around. Imo the End has started with start of season 6.

But nothing is forever, there was Guild Wars and it died with nightfalls even it was the by fucking far better game then anyting else till today. To me it was real love, i was addicted the moment i casted the first spell in that first Beta -Preview event when it was still in Alpha. After that weekend i was like stalkin the game. Sniff some info here, grab some some news there until the regular BetaEvents started.

Can t tell what it was but sort a perfection in what it imperferectly was.

But well well to make it quick the day it was released i did not had any RL any,ore. I didn t even care fore if there could be someting else then Guild wars. I rly still impressed how overwhelming this game was. We Played in The Top 20 and Top 10 GvG pretty fast. It was insane somehow.

It is like it was just the next game u start playing, but then u turn around and your Team and Guild is known by almost everyone who cared for PvP. But who didn't in GW. That was what it ment to be made for. PVP, instant PVP! And Team play on its best! if you act like alot of smite players do, you would not have been welcome to the better PVE-Whores

In the End it doesn`t even matter, it was somewhat the best time i had in my life. We were part of the game, we changed meta several time, we invented ever green builds playable after all the patches. But still time was fading right of the start and it felt as normal as it could be, but i only regret that i didn`t realize or rly cared what we accomplished and what it ment to be at that position. It just happened!

But it ate 2 of us 8, we were unleashed and not to fed by the game. We played like 6h a day with the almost the whole team, 3 hours effective GvG maybe. But 2 of us were so freaking addicted or we just knew that we will never a´have anything simmular in life! so we pleyed until 07 in the morning 2 days under week and went to work just to fall asleep or in trance like state and work at some new Builds or for the never ending search of the Ultimate build for that patch.

Man shoulda go to an Psychologist with this i think, but i guess i would always go for it again! It was real love and addiction!!!!!! you only have such once in a life, if you are lucky!

But the time afterwards it is sort a hard. I rly want to quit gaming. i Hit the 36 and in the last 2 years i had to notice how my reaction times started fade and enthusiasm to game gets broken easy with a loose.

Nothing is forever so....! All i wanted to say with it, enjoy as long as it is there and as long u like it. Games now a days are more short flickering moments of time.
Watch how Dev`s fight to bring new stuff on a regular base to hold players stick to game, how artificially a Pro-Scene is created and settled by the Dev itself. Just to make players stick, ofc for the good old green!

I didn t like the trend with RL money for ingame shit, but hey it was nature of reaction to the blackmarket chinese farming mafia.
And got adopted to a generel income where never before was income insight.

SORRY for half of a hijack and even i know how u feel and think, just don't waste yourself when things die! -better go of and look for BetaGames! even alot of games you can buy into the beta you still have influence to the game prerelease. Better care for that opportunity then trieng to make someone care when he just stopped caring for a while.
actually Guild Wars is still pretty active.. GW@ is hella active. Lots of new contenet...lots of new regiuons opening up. They just added 3 new regions to gw2 in the last month and a half.