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Thread: Why season 6 battle pass got smite worst

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    Why season 6 battle pass got smite worst

    Ok lets see the facts:

    -last year you paid 3 tickets for 400 =1200, now you pay 600*6 = 3600!!. they give 200gems back so it is 2400 IF you do not use them.
    - the fantasy points store could get you a lot of skins. You can get easily 50000-60000 fp points if you buy the tickets and with the vote system with each skin costs 7k or 3.5k, so you could get easy 8+ skins.
    If you want to grind the option is there u could get a lot more and the final thanatos skin.
    also the tickets gave limited skins too.

    Now the battle points do nothing.
    -In the battle pass you can get 4 skins (none of them limited) and with the quests you can see the bars filling and numbers get up.

    -WITH the removal of the thriumph chest system it gets worst.
    -Even before S6, favor points are close to worthless. You can get some skins (that cost waaay to much. and you get way too little favor points each game) BUT they were good at opening thiumph slots so u can get avatars and boosters or skins. The best part was the godlike chest that gave better stuff. During 2 month You could get 4 chests /week= 16 *2 = 32 chests (not counting the extras you could buy) AND the godlike. Sounds good

    NOW you will get 9!! NINE thats it. (ofc no godlike). AND there is nothing you can do about it.

    SO in the end WE will pay more and get FAR LESS.
    IN the battle system there are no enigma boosters, no champion boosters. So even less stuff. EVEN the battle point booster is worst previusly it was DOUBLE the points! and now it is +20%.

    Either get a thiumph chest on lvl of the battle pass. Or get the thriumph system back.

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    Last season I payed for two splits... i gave up on the second split thanks to voting on SPL games being broken to the point where alot of matchs didnt show up for me until AFTER the matchs finished... not to mention I had to grind like teh dickens to get through it, in teh end i simply said meh to this and stopped.

    I bought the battlepass last week and im now at level 42, ill have enough free login gems and gem rewards from the battlepass once its completed by the time the next one comes along that I can get the next battlepass for free, and the next and the next (as long as i log in everyday and grind each battlepass out fully)... ive gotten the first 3 battlepass skins along with 4 skins from enigma and triumph chests and other items such as the pedestal etc and eventually ill have the Anubis skin and should have all that in the next week or so (granted im grinding pretty hard since i want to get most of it under the rug so i can take a break from the game for a few weeks outside of logging in)...

    So far ive gotten more stuff than I got last season from the two splits i bought for basically the same price and ive not had to contend with crappy bugs that literally robbed me of what i payed for (since without the SPL voting points it was a nightmare to grind each level without going bonkers).

    So for me... im liking the battlepass.

    Also the Godlike comes from commendations. which reset every month? So you arent loosing that its just gotten elsewhere. Also im pretty sure the chest boosters that give you a chest reward didnt come from the triumph chests but usually from things like the Adventure bundles (or at least the ones I got did).
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    My only thing is how quickly the battlepass is set to go per section. Lvl 60 isnt nearly as bad as the length of the old season ticket, but you also had all year to get those points. Smite is a game i play fairly frequently, but I do play a number of other games as well. I'd wager I play 7-10 games a week on average, so the battlepass is a bit quick to disappear for me. We'll see tho, as I'm playing only slightly more than my average and seeing some returns already.

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