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Thread: Pele legit makes me wanna vomid

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    Angry Pele legit makes me wanna vomid

    I'm sorry Hi-rez are you thinking gods like this in cocaine parties but THis god should remove from game until make her somewhat balanced.After all this month this fucking thing nerfed 10 damage %10 lifesteal like.THİS NERF DONT DO SHİT.Which person think this passive and buffs is reasonable?She have damage increase in her passive,Damage increase in her aura,lifesteal passive makes her more warrior than assassin.Her only aim required skill is her 1 and double procs.

    Also Pele mains have some mental status of Loki player.They think this god is balanced and requires skill to play and they are winning bc everyone else is bad .Yeah Warrior like sustain and Mage like Burst ability damage and even you build lifesteal she have overproc with Soul Eater.What a balanced god.

    All this %5 nerfs didn't effect nothing.
    This god requires new passive and nerfs for make her somewhat balanced.She is Loki and Camazotz combine.Fuck this unbalaced no effort gods .Balance team loves releasing broken gods so they can toy with them until make to gods out of meta.Sigh.Why I'm still playing this game in 2019?Bc I'm addicted and nothing else.
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