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Thread: Joust Feedback

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    Joust Feedback

    Some bits of feedback on the Joust map.

    Concerning the Tower:
    Why is it only ever a Tier 1 tower? Is it possible for it to upgrade after a certain point to a Tier 2? Since its a T1 tower, the damage it does is pitifully low after someone builds a Sov, some health or some other decent physical protection item.

    Concerning Bull Demon King:
    I still think the disabling effect this provides is cool, unique and a good way to stop turtling, but it needs a duration nerf in my opinion. At least on the Phoenix. I also wouldn't mind having the camp icon update regardless of vision when its killed since it has a clear global effect on the structures and players, and animation leading up to the effect on structures. (I wouldn't mind seeing this happen in Conquest as well with Gold Fury, Fire Giant and Pyromancer icons since they have a global sound effect when it dies). I'm not saying add a timer if you didn't have vision when it died, just update the icon at least. Though the timer thing would just be a QoL thing tbh.

    Concerning the Titan:
    In the Joust mode, it desperately needs more health. The number of gods that can dive the titan with no minions and actually kill it or very nearly kill it ALONE without the rest of their team is stupidly high. Hunters are notorious for this, and certain mages like Kuku or Anubis to name two. I'm not sure how hard it would be to keep the current stats for JUST duel, but it really does need more health. Same could be said across the other team based modes as well.

    Surrender Situations:
    I've had multiple games this past week alone in Joust, where my two other teammates loaded in, then just quit for whatever reason. All before the game even had minions spawn. 3 of the 5 games where this happened, the two players with me were exactly the same. The other two both claimed to have ping issues, dc'd and never returned for the next 8 minutes at which point the game just ended cause the enemy team can just steamroll the tower, phoenix and titan all before level 8 (see previous issue with titan health). I would like to see some way to surrender before the 5 min mark even if this happens, where if the majority of a team DC's, the remaining players have the option to surrender even earlier then normal (I've had this in clash, conquest and assault too, but usually happens in Joust the most often).

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    Joust is a seal clubbing playground at the moment, towers are a joke and are nothing more than a checkpoint along the map. First tower should be strong as Phoenix and Phoenix should be strong as the Titan, and the Titans need serious buffing as of now they are little more than buffed jungle camp.

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