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Thread: You suck Hi-Rez

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    You suck Hi-Rez

    The patch changes over the past few months seem terrible and there hasn’t been consistency to the balance of this game or the match making. There’s also no reason as to why individual players have to go up against whole clans. It’s tiring to have an arena game be up or down by 150 or 200 pts and clash have been horrible while joust lately seems to be getting worse where one team will have a tower and phoenix down within 10-12 min while the other team is way behind. Additionally, rather than the five classes of gods, it seems like its become 2; either you’re a glass cannon or a heavy tank and nothing in between. There’s obviously favorites with certain gods being beefed up and others that get lagged behind and the item updates didn’t seem to change that divide but make it worse. This game probably has the worst experience compared to other mobas for a casual player while only rewarding die hard players for testing and figuring out item changes and combinations rather than spending time just figuring out the individual god and their skills to enjoy the game. This rant has been long enough so thank you for the entertainment and headaches and goodbye
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    firstly, they don't actually pay attention to their forum, go to reddit.

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