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Thread: Gifts Bug

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    Gifts Bug

    My friend gifted me a grim weaver arachne skin, and i was at his house when he did it. I saw what he did becuase i didnt trust him(but that doesnt metter). The thing is that i saw with my eyes that he selected grim weaver skin on arachne and gifted it to me. When i got home i opened the gift and recieved a Bae Watch Cu Chulain skin instead. Iwant this to be fixed, or at least to give me my arachne skin and take the cu chulain skin back. Because we gathered gems 2 months in order to do a skin exchange and i didnt get what he gifted me.

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    You never could gift specific skins. That was something they were going to introduce later on. Right now you can gift certain levels of a type of skin. T2, T3, T4, voice pack or recolor. When you select the level, it gives you a random skin in that level (or voice pack).

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