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Thread: Apollo?

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    I’ve been playing Smite since before the official release and lived through the rise and fall and the brief restart of Apollo in conquest. There was a time where he was, without question, one of the best carries in the game and has since received changes to keep him from being too strong. However, it seems to me that he now underperforms compared to a good few other hunters. While other hunters may be in more need of changes, I think it’s about time Apollo gets a buff or some sort of change to help bring him back into the question. It is entirely possible that he just was not suitable for the season 5 meta, but I do not expect any drastic changes to the duo lane meta in season 6, so I think he should be changed. My suggestion is that his passive recieves some updates. I think it may be worth trying to add to it that a percentage of his attack speed is converted to physical power and reduce the attack speed gained after 10 successful basic attacks. I feel this will give him more reason to build attack speed items and his overall damage could be improved slightly by doing so.

    Note: I do not have any statistics on his win rate or ban rate, this is just my personal opinion on how I think he currently is. I even admit, I do not think my suggestion is all that great, but I think it’s something that may help him.

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    this discussion crops up every couple months or so.

    long story short he either needs a new passive or needs to not hemorrhage mana so much on his ult, if not both changes.

    personally, i'd make his passive attack speed boost refresh as long as you're actually hitting basics, Apollo is the only one remotely worth using Silverbranch bow on, and if his passive was consistent it'd actually be considerable.
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    In comparison to other gods, Apollo now is really bad. But I think it's normal: as the time goes by and more new cooler heroes comes to life, some of the old ones need to be adjusted in order to keep up with the times.

    I think he really needs a new passive to get a good renovation, but I admit that's not the only solution (it could be reworked, why not?).

    A new passive would be great if he could keep double-shooting as long as he hit enemies, for a maximum of 2 seconds of idle time, after that he has to build all the passive stacks again.

    I'd adjust his 1st skill too, adding an effect. Slow would be ok.

    Finally, I'd adjust his ultimate skill too. Personally, I found its casting time too long, I'd make it shorter. And it's mana consumption is a little expensive, I'd reduce it. And, last but not least, I'd add a blinding effect similar to Ra 2nd skill: the enemy gradually get blinded by the sun light as he takes Apollo's ultimate damage (full damage taken = full blinding effect), and he gradually recovers his sight after the last tick damage taken.
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