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Thread: Exp and gold acquisition in Conquest

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    Exp and gold acquisition in Conquest

    I have been playing Conquest games but I wind up having the slowest exp (Usually 5-6 levels behind the first person who hits 20) and gold gains in each match (~15-20% behind the next lowest earner). I play ranged. What can I do to speed up the gold and exp acquisition in a multiplayer Conq map as ranged?

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    1. Don't die.
    2. Always make it to your lane as quickly as possible and clear it fast.
    3. Clear the Void camp, vision harpies, the enemies' Void camp if possible, and you can also leech the red camp's exp if need be.
    4. Small Harpies once you back to the fountain and return to lane.
    5. #1 is important, and #2 is also important.

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    get starter item, get devos lv 1, get pots 3 health and one multi is generally good.

    Try not to get poked by their duo as they clear, and try poke as you clear.

    If you outclear enemy go farm in jungle. If they outclear you and go farm your jungle, yes you will fall behind, play even more careful then until your jungler can come help.
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