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Thread: Suggestions and improvements from me

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    Suggestions and improvements from me

    Bring back XTM or FW game modes. Latest adventures maybe interesting for pve conquest/siege players who can spend 40 minutes on a buff camp race, but static minions stupidly placed on the map is absolutely boring thing for pvp smite players who usually play assault and arena instead of other casual maps.

    Block scam requests in assault. You can't change skins/vp/re-roll or simply write something usefull to the chat, because every time when unknown person is sending scam requests (i can't call it "trade", because i don't know who you are and i never said or agreed to trade and it's simply scam) i'm getting massive freeze and need to wait 1 min or restart the game to get back to normal.

    Replace DCed players with fresh players. I know smite had support for game pauses and live join/spectating, so there is nothing heavy to implement, just some important thing.

    Close the post-match lobby chat, because it's absolutely absurdious when 1 troll can ask 8 other players to report someone without reason. And it's totally annoying when you do not use the chat at all and then you get ban for "harassment".

    Remove ability damage. I can't say it's good when l2p players can build full def and still kill your mage/adc with just 2-3 aoe hits. If they bought 50dmg boots, then let their non-pen boots to deal 10 damage against your 40 basic stat defense, not 1200+900+700

    Remove spinning camera animation (hades/athena/hunbatz). Nobody likes 2 things in games: blinding effects and when other players can control your mouse cursor, keyboard or monitor.

    Add more ways to spend personal honor (keep asking for 5-6 years).

    Improve the blocking function. Smite's block is the worst block ever and it works only against personal messages, but what about chat-harassment or cheaters? I had many games in a row where i got bullied for absolutely no reason and after blocking them i was surprised that i get queued together with blocked players again and im forced to read their trash again and again.

    Add summoner characters, pets (tanking/ranged/melee) and turrets. I would like to switch pet roles from ranged to tanking or melee-attacking as same as ullr can switch his stances, depending on situation.

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    First thing about blocking. When you block them, they can do absolutely nothing to you. You can't see their messages in public lobbies, you can't get requests from them or anything. You're blowing gas with that one. As for being matched with them again in a game, it will stay that way. Otherwise blocking will be used to avoid being matched with that person and the current player base size and matchmaking system can't deal with that right now. This isn't unique to smite. League and Overwatch have the exact same system.

    Due to the nature of MOBA's, replacing DC'd players will never happen since you can currently reconnect to your match. With their current system, this will never occur.

    I'll quote Ajax on the personal honor thing. It's never been about the prizes, its about the clan and playing with other people. The prizes were incentives to join a clan and play with other players and make new friends.

    Thankfully, forced camera movements are only on those with Taunts, Fears and certain banishes and stuns. That will also, once again, never change due to having over the shoulder camera. Removing that effect removes the entire basis for that type of cc which, with the core mechanics behind smite, will never happen.

    WTF do you mean remove ability damage? Do you mean BASE damage. In that case I agree SOMEWHAT, guardians and warriors suffer from high base damage numbers. If you don't, do you want only a game where the only way to deal damage is with basic attacks and certain pets? Cause if that's the case, you're are smoking something and I want it as well tbh.

    As for the trolls asking everyone else to report you, Titan can look at match stats, chat logs and other sources of data. If it was a mass troll report, nothing will happen in 95% of cases like this.

    Assault will always have Trade Requests so get over it. It's a trade REQUEST for a reason, not a trade DEMAND. You're not forced to do shit.

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