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Thread: Some Nox and Isis Ideas

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    Some Nox and Isis Ideas

    Today on reddit i wrote some interesting ideas bout them.

    passive: when ever she uses an ability one candle lights up, at 4 candles nox next ability deals bonus damage (25 + 30% scaling )
    1. Ability should passes through minions and deals damage to them (like the old nox 1)
    but stops at the first enemy god and does what it normally does.
    (2. may now makes it like scyllas 2. so it means you can push wherever you wanna let the ability does damage. but the damage is weak and gets stronger and stronger it stays in place ( like ymirs ult) at max (2 sec) the damage should be like the damage right now.)
    3. now can step in enemy shadows too but roots them deals tick damage and heals for every tick. (duration from 1 to 2)
    4. same as right now

    Passive: Gods around her are blessed by her pressence reduced their cooldowns for 10% (for her and her allies) increases the defense of all by 1 per level and if any god around her dies whos blessed by her his death time wilö be reduced by 1% per level

    1. same as right now but with slow-, root-, and knockup-immunity
    2. same as right now
    3. longer debuff/ buff duration.
    if its cast on allies this abiility will heal the ally (5/7.5/10/12.5/15 +5% per sec)
    4. any allied god in the circle cant be killed as long as the circle stays on the ground and they stay in the circle.
    (execution wont work to)

    hope you like the ideas
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