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Thread: Is there actually a point to learning auto attack Warriors?

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    Is there actually a point to learning auto attack Warriors?

    I ask because after having a measly 10% win rate on Erlang Shen, and a lack of success with Bellona and Osiris I’m finding them hard to feel worth the time to learn. I’m mostly a Mage and Guardian player, and have had the greatest success with these in Clash but am trying to broaden my portfolio, for lack of a better term.

    Should I just keep pressing on or would it be better to learn ability based ones like Herc and Odin?

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    Auto attack warriors are probably the hardest Gods to learn to build right in smite.

    Some games with Bellona you can get away with crits, katana tree. But some games you really must play her full tank and mostly rely on her abilities. Note bellona can be played as both ability and "adc" or a hybrid of these. And what decides is largely the enemy team composition. Bellona hammer is very strong dmg teamfight ability, all you need is some flat pen (void shield) and she hits like a truck and even without with full tank she still hits hard.

    Osiris should work in clash as he has the distance needed to make work and also he can put out heavy harass early. Its funny Osiris early game is best with some pen so your 2 hits hard and you can poke ppl out, later on he is better as a tank and maybe with qins or exec. But if you build for both you are way to squishy and later game the pen really falls off on him its only good on him very early on.

    Erlang is kinda in the same boat as Bellona you gotta adapt a lot to enemy team comp but he doesn't do ability as well as bellona. Some games the single qins or the one crit item is all you can get away with and in some games even that makes you to squish, so you are there for your taunt, pin and knockup to setup team. In others you can qins, wind demon and bloodforge and just kill squish in 2 sec.

    It all pretty much depend on where enemy comp have their peak of damage. Some games this is as early as lv 3 in clash and another peak at lv 15 maybe or so. Meaning around lv 12 ish you can get a dmg item like qins but before and after you want just tank items.

    Odin is much more straight up in how to build and with his passive he can actually be a decent auto attacker so adding a witch blade or something can make him really nasty.

    Items to consider outside of the classic hard tank items (HW, sover etc) frostbound, witchblade, shoguns, void shield, exec, bloodforge, shifters, stone cutter. Note that you can usually only get away with having a few of these the rest need to be really tanky items. Deciding what are good for the game you are in, that will add that extra punch is what takes a long time to learn. In some games you can freely dump heaps of auto dmg on backliners but in others you gotta deal with the front. For backliners crits and katana tree is nice but for fronters you want exec and qins.

    Note that exec is almost always better then qins if you want that single dmg item to put work on their fronters, it depends if you can easily get help with exec from your hunter or not. If someone else provides the exec for you reliably you are free to get qins. Qins alone can work in some games but I played to little adc warrior lately to really remember when it does work and when it doesn't.
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    A general rule to AA warriors-build tanky.
    Unless you know what you are doing, building tanky (hp and protection). This way you utilize your kit in the best way cause you get to dish out more AA and abilities in a fight. Your job is not to burst someone down in 3 sec like Kali/Arachne, but be intimidating by out-trading the enemy team.
    Max 1 damage item, this can be Voidshield, Executioners, Berserker shield, or Jothun.
    Other items you want are Stone of Gaia or Winged Blade and anything that makes you tanky-

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