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Thread: Dante and Beatrice

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    Dante and Beatrice

    I know that Hi-Rez said that they would never put in Gods from actual religions but what about apocryphal characters from well know fiction like Dante Alighieri as that would allow them to also put in Gods like Virgil and Cheron? Plus this has already been done by other games so it would be pretty awesome to see Dante released as a melee warrior and starting a new pantheon of "Inferno" based gods?

    What do people think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiamondHorse View Post
    I know that Hi-Rez said that they would never put in Gods from actual religions
    That's...the whole point of the game, though?

    OT, HELL FUCKING NO. Arthur and co. are already a stretch. Virgil's just a historical philosopher Dante had a hard-on for, Charon (I assume that's what you mean) is from Greek mythology, and Dante was a historical author who wrote some literature that doesn't really figure into Abrahamic canon. Just let us have an Abrahamic pantheon with angels and demons and that covers enough ground.
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    i think he may have meant "active" religions, but even then that's not the case because of Hinduism and Voodoo which has a fair practice base. there are also many small sects, particularly amongst biker groups, that still practice watered down Norse paganism.

    Dante and Beatrice and Virgil might be a good set of skins down the line but are by no means applicable to the playerbase. Arthur is at least "mythology", albeit not a deity based Mythology, it at least has some faeries and demons and druids peppered in, and depending on your version one of the members of his court was hooking up with one of the Celtic Horse goddesses (Rhiannon, Welsh Goddess).
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