So im not new to the pvp aspect of games, ive been a hardcore pvper since 2001, muonline, knightsonline world, WoW, LoL, most CoD titles, Unreal tournament from the original, TWL, CAL (no longer cal), and many more i cant remember atm.

When i first started playing smite my first thoughts were "world of warcraft and unreal tournament had a baby and this was it, reminded me of the old unreal tournament instagib servers, towers map where it was 1 shot 1 kill. Game is fun but only if your into fast kills, way too many stuns, cc duration times seem to be a tad long for the amount of health in the game, and no diminishing effects? Was also amazed by watching the loki god, way too much mobility for someone that can constantly one shot... A few games i notice loki going into the starting area one shotting and leaving while people were buying their thingys... could live with the one shotting if loki gets any damage it would break his stealth and debuff his damage 20-30% for a couple of secs, just a thought. Tried thor couldnt stop laughing, where do i get the legit thor? felt like i was wearing a garbage bag and wielding a twig... and yes i research builds and stats and abilities. Premades should only face other premades, no humility in constantly being owned by premades. Doesnt feel like a pure moba, but its different sort of moba i guess, to each their own.

I have also notice that the match making sucks.... alot of the games 1-2 ppl leave and theres no fresh blood... cant bring someone new in?
And omg bugs bugs and more bugs, i googled the bugs and i see it isnt rare, and bugs sadly rarely get fixed?
Cant see anyone in clan if on or off, my mic doesnt seem to register in smite. works everywhere else, smite crashes during selection screen and i get a 60min ban from fights? i picked my character before i crashed , just let me rejoin....
Havent heard one peep from anyone in game, feeling lonely af.