The Switch version is great. But there is a big obstacle for Smite to be popular in Japan, and I really hope HiRez/TitanForge can address it.

It's the translation. I know HiRez/TF probably out-sourced translations to a 'famous' (or, infamous) company that did a lot of translation for western games. They are bad. End of story. I played a lot of western games that had big potential, but the translations were just so bad often times to the point of ridiculous. The players just couldn't get into the game with these horrible translation. Imagine in a cut-scene with a heavy mood that's essential to a character's development, but the inappropriate translation just suddenly makes the protagonist a total jerk. You can imagine how bad it would be to the game's appeal to the players.

In Smite's case, it's not any better. Mistakes everywhere. Translation errors. Downright wrong sentences. And the worst of all - all God ability text are gone. Instead there is only 'Unknown' message displayed when you look at every God ability page. This makes the game almost inaccessible to new players. This needs to be addressed as early as possible, before the official release.

I really hope Smite does well in this region. Please, hire a real Japanese translation company.