I just played a few games with a buddy of mine and there were more than one occasion where an animation would either cancel randomly or outright not show. For example one game from my perspective he (Xing Tien) teleported off screen somehow even though he was right in front of me. After reviewing turns out he was hit with a Da Ji ult and was yanked to the pillar but there was no sign that he had been hit by the chains because there was no animation. All the while there is now an unbearable "hitching" that happens about every 5 seconds or whenever interacting with another god. Seems to me like a bug in the net code that is causing the game to freeze whenever there is a discrepancy in console and pc god locations in game. These kinds of things pretty much never happened before the most recent patch and we've been playing since beta. For this to happen every single game since the patch is not only frustrating but were putting the game down for a while because there's no reason to play a broken game.