This text is original in the language of brazil and has been translated using google
for English, so I apologize if there are not very clear parts,
but I still hope it will be understood.

Staff after talking to several players who left the Smite one of the largest
causes that I found was a problem that I understand as being of "conceptual" cause and since I liked the game a lot, I thought it was worth posting here a possible solution to this problem.

****Goes the description of the problem:********

On the character Pick screen there was always a lot of speech, if two players decided to play for example in the jungle, or support, now imagine the 5 two wanting jungle and two support, folded problem, I realized this several times and I myself was forced to abandon the character I wanted to satisfy the team or simply because some other player spoke and chose my position first, at the speed of light in the chat. so with the passage of time, I thought it best to abandon the game, since I had to please others much more than choosing how I would like to play.

*****Go to Solution:******

It would be necessary to develop a screen before starting, make a character application and roll the player's choice EX: the player before finding the team "would mark the option you want to play", MID, support or jungle, before the team is after that the game would seek the other positions. so the match would be mounted without any conflict and automatically, avoiding endless discursions and unnecessary stress.

Before you comment that this is difficult to implement, I inform you that it is not so much because there are several games that work that way.

Recalling also that the idea of ​​a single player generated MOD known today as LOL League of Legends.

It is my tip to the developers and community, I guarantee that I and several players will return with full force to Smite if it is to be implemented.

To those who think this can be bad, Hi-rez could implement this function even though it may or may not be able to set up teams.

It is my advice to hug everyone ...