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Thread: Getting back into the game.

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    Question Getting back into the game.

    As the title says, I'm getting back into the game. I have not played in about two years, and at one point I was not awful, so is there anything I need to know that's new, or any Gods to watch out for, or drastic meta changes?

    Thanks in advance.

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    S6 is about to drop, so I'd wait to get a feel for how the game's changed until then because it's bringing some big changes, as well as the weirdest god release we've had in a good while.

    If it helps:
    -Prot aura items aren't too hot, Thebes is probs your best bet as a support
    -Tahuti is a lot more niche, so mage builds are more varied
    -S6 is bringing a consumable that lets you ditch boots for a better item with no MS penalty
    -Everyone hates Baron Samedi
    -Anubis has been a lot stronger with the changes to lifesteal items
    -Loki is still a broken meme
    -Vulcan got a meatball skin
    -Freya got a rework so she's less terribly-designed now
    -HR split into 2 subdivisions; Titan Forge is the one working on Smite
    -TF gave up on remodels because they're retarded
    -Daji's model is nowhere near as sexy as her card art
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    Changes in the last 2 years eh?

    Classes are suggestions. It's not uncommon to see some Mages in the solo lane or Assassins in support, Guardian in the Jungle, Hunter in Mid and Mage in ADC. For example.

    It's a lot more "Does this individual god work in this role" and a lot less "Hunter = ADC, Mage = Mid, Ass = Jungle, Guard = Support, Warrior = Solo" albeit some classes are more flexible than others (Hunters are still pretty much always invariably ADC, just they can lane in long or mid lanes)

    Stacking items are the fad these days. Devourer's Gauntlets, Transcendence, Soul Eater and Book of Thoth. Pretty much almost everyone buys one of these early on aside from Supp/Solo (Well, some solos still rush SE...)

    Obs Shard and Titan's Bane are no longer required purchases on everyone. There are now alternatives that will be used by various gods now. These 2 items are now more directly to counter specifically tanks.

    Baron Samedi's ult is whack.

    There's a plethora of new Starter Items. But few people use them because when people bought them Hi-Rez didn't like that so they nerfed most of them and so most people now just buy the T2 item for their stacking item of choice. Which Hi-Rez then nerfed because they didn't like people buying items.

    It's possible to buy Relics that aren't just Aegis and Beads. You'll still buy Aegis and Beads in like 90% of your games. But some gods will go for things like Blink, Teleport, Shell, Horrific Emblem, Sprint (Renamed into "Heavenly Wings" for... Reasons...), Phantom, Thorns or Meditation Cloak.

    Oh, that reminds me. Sundering Spear became a thing. It became decent to have. Then everyone started buying it instead of Aegis. Then they all got killed by it because they didn't have Aegis. They cried. A lot. So Hi-Rez nerfed it. Now it's garbage.

    Hastened Fatalis was removed from the game. Hi-Rez buffed it because it was too niche that only like 2-3 gods were buying it. Then it became too strong and everyone bought it (Even MAGES bought it). Then they gave it an ineffective nerf. Then they removed it from the game and added in 3 replacement items (Atlanta's Bow, Hastened Katana and Hastened Ring). Of which, only one is used, and only on like 2-3 gods.

    Basically, you may picture things as such: Hi-Rez buff things for no reason. People use those things. Hi-Rez doesn't like people using those things and nerfs them.

    So if you remember any items that were super popular back in the day, chances are, they got nerfed because people used them and now they suck.
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    Sov and HW aren't totally OP any longer, but hey almost no one seemed to realize how good they were anyway before pros said they were OP and then they get nerfed. So you likely won't see a difference.

    Obs shard isn't a cheap out for a big power build.

    Personally I think Thebes is total shit but after its slight buff come s6 maybe its worth.

    The conquest map no longer feels like a cramped prison, it actually feels like a "map". Well in my opinion, I couldn't stand conquest on old map but I do enjoy it a lot on the new map.

    DUO meta is all about lv 1 and 2. Can't out clear and outbox enemy early game? Well you might just have lost the game.
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