Before asking me for the gamer tag, I cannot do that since I'm on switch
then why am I posting here?
Cause Xbox and Switch are crossplaying with each other now...and the forum has no switch section! :c
Now for my intro!

I'm a 24, almost 25 year old female, that doesn't matter though. looking for a chill group that doesn't care if people are good or bad. And that uses discord That just wanna mess around and have fun! :3
my Discord is Katzena#2351
if you wanna shoot me information and a discord link if I decide to Join. Cause I'll probably forget to check this ^^;
I'm really socially awkward but I'll be active. I'm planning on playing everyday! If I'm burnt out for some reason I'll probably play a game here and there 1-2x a week to keep myself active.