I just don't understand why he is the only guardian in the game that starts out dealing almost 100 damage an auto at level 3-5.
Some Hunters,Worriers,assassin and mages don't hit that hard at that level in the game. So why him? Its not bad enough he freezes, slows and has big D damage. His auto's also have to hit like a truck? Why?

Simply just why? That is all I ask why. If his auto's are going to hit for that much why not just make him a mage with lower health?
Because I really just don't understand his auto attacks. So please why? Is this a stupid question? OH AND HIS MOVEMENT SPEED! Let me not get started on how this big A#$ Ice rock moves faster than some other's with just boots. So many times he just runs away and can't catch up.

Because I legit just don't understand.