Ok so I'm level 25 in Smite and right now I don't feel like I'm going to hop back in a queue for the sake of other players. I try to stay positive when losing a match and keep my not so nice thoughts to myself, I don't flame in chat, I just politely ask them to stop doing because (reason) or I just say play it safe. But there comes a point where your faith is tested lol, I haven't flamed anyone and I never will because it will only hurt the morale of the team. I'm currently on a an 8 game loss streak, the final loss wasn't so bad but I'll explain later, first few games people instalocked, I asked if the last person could go a tank so we could defend our squishes, nah he goes thoth, but that's ok I have no right to tell someone how or what to play. Anyone in a few minutes our Daji initiates and gets bursted in 5 seconds lol. (Sorry this is so long I'm not ranting, I hope) this persisted for the rest of my games, but looking back I can't hold it against them, they're probably newbies like me that don't understand that team comp plays a big part in winning fights, My final loss before I got off to calm down wasn't so bad because our team was doing fine the enemy team just had better players but we managed to put up a fight.

TL;DR I am on an 8 loss streak due to instalocking and weird decision making (mercy on them because they're noobs like me) I'm really trying to keep the blame on me for losses

I just really don't know what to do anymore because nothing is wrong with losing, but when it happens back to back to back, your positive attitude gets tested, I just wanna know from you guys in what I can to improve myself because that's the only thing I can control. Ty for your time if you read all this, sorry if it sounds like I am ranting.