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Thread: Jing wei lifesteal

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    Cool Jing wei lifesteal

    So I've been using Jing for the longest time but when I was testing some new builds I realized that when you use explosive bolts and hit a single enemy with life steal, the life steal your supposed to get splits... So for example when I shoot an enemy with a basic attack I get 250 lifesteal, but when I have my three explosive bolts I would only get 100 life steal on the first shot, 70 on the second, then 25 on the last explosive bolt. Sometimes it splits evenly three ways. So if I get 85 lifesteal, I get 25 for each shot with explosive bolts. This completely ruins her cause im always using life steal on her. Is it supposed to be this way? Thanks!

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    Anything AoE based on hunters with regards to basics suffer from the mages coefficient on lifesteal, in other words, you only get 33% of the total lifesteal effect (Izanami suffers from this the most with her Kama's). It's probably intended to happen something like your experiencing but it's splitting it oddly that's for sure.

    Are you running Crit, qin's or something else? Cause certain items will affect lifesteal differently as well. Explosive Bolts also calculates damage on each target hit separately, not all at once.

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