So Ive finally decided that the community has gotten really bad with players who easily get their feelings hurt and start spamming "OMFG such a toxic player, report this guy, hey everyone report this guy he is so bm"... and this I kid not can easily come from simply telling another player they are bad at the game. If telling someone is bad at the game or something along those lines is being "toxic" then please explain to me god taunts, If I need to I will compile a list and add it to this post but if you have been playing smite long enough then you know exactly what I mean. For example, pimp agni or whatever that skin is called has a taunt that says something along these lines "I pray for these gods that you give them the wisdom to recognize they are too weak to face me" and there are many many more. So I guess this turns my post into a concern, I know for a fact I am getting reported often for harassment on many different levels and a lot of them are players who are upset over simple words on the internet, should I be concerned for a future account punishment?

side note- also spam laughing after a win, how is that not being "toxic" where is the fine line at in this harassment clause?