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Thread: Assault Ares Discussion & Video

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    Assault Ares Discussion & Video

    it is time. we will discuss the use of ares in assault, and especially in regards to the contents of the video below.

    assault is a game mode where the lane is fairly narrow allowing for strategic based movements in only two directions. the main purpose of using ares in a team based scenario is for his ultimate. this situation creates a double edged sword that when wielded by the right player can be devastating. i shall explain. it is very difficult for ares to catch an experienced enemy team by surprise in assault because of the single lane. he is almost always visible to enemy team unless the ares team has abilities at their disposal to help hide ares or provide as a big distraction for the enemy. at the same time, the single lane helps keep the entire enemy team relatively close together compared to many other game modes.

    hahaha i am reminded of a particular battle i had a very long time ago. it's hard for me to remember if this battle took place before or after they changed the design of the assault map. it was probably around that time. well anyways, my team was battling against a team that had an ares on it. the battle began and the enemy team was nowhere to be found. we preemptively charged enemy tower with the minion line to make as much progress as we could before enemy team showed up. as soon as we touched the tower the distinctive sound of blink hit me ears. it was in that instant i knew we made a grave mistake. with the blink came the ares ult and at the exact same time the rest of the enemy team came from behind the wall they were hiding at. we got destroyed thoroughly.

    in the match in the video below i attempted a sort of sneaky ares style of playing. enemy team was obviously very experienced in dealing with an enemy ares, and they were scared of us. not only did they have good countermeasures against ares but also made sure to keep their distance as much as they could.

    what do you guys think of ares in assault? any interesting experiences or theories? what do you think of the events taking place in the video?

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    Its highly matchup dependent if he performs well or not.

    If you have 3-4 without an ult that avoids ares ult its usually a decent game for him.

    If there is only 1 or 2 that cannot go immune with kit and with heavy frontal pokers (like puch, zeus, pos, hera and nox, baron, scylla, he bo can be particular difficult as they also avoid ult while punishing you for moving up) then its not as ez but a good ares can ofc make plays anyway. Also solo front as ares is usually not great unless ares hard counters many on other team or ure team is a top assault team with baron, hel, amc, puch, neith along those lines (not being solo front I think goes for any mode, ares is not good at it, he really needs some other peeler both for himself and his team unless he has a great matchup). Also a special mention of xbal with his slows and cc immune + ult that can make it really hard to tell how much u got with ult is annoying for him in assault.

    For some games blink is 100% necessary or you will never be able to get into enemy team, Ymir has this same problem along with some other immobile Gods.

    Finally some games best to hope for is popping beads and ults and then u are more or less at mercy that ure team does well after. Some games you need to pressure hard with cdr and for assault relic blade can be good for this. Other games u can get away with less cdr, go for a lot of auras and utility and some games even trying playing the cdr game is pointless.

    Boots first is smth I often avoid on him, its nice with ms sure but auras are just often in demand. Specialist relic is great, once mid game hits ure fast and awesome cdr. For this game though since u have a fafnir and bellona who can initiate quite far boots seems clever.
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