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Thread: The anger and dismay with players who afk

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    The anger and dismay with players who afk

    Playing conquest, loki and a Ulr decide to afk and spam 'your welcome' entire game 3 v5
    We tried to surrender they voted no, so we stay and play out a game to lose.

    This has made be delete the game and cancel xbox live sub.

    This ruined the game for us,the 3rd time this has happened.

    GG smite reporting system = pathetic.

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    Then report them. Unfortunately, you are going to encounter other bs from other players who will ruin games but it is what it is.
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    hahaha. this reminds me of my petition for an F6 icon. a long time ago i went over how absurd it is that 2 players can whimsically deny an f6 vote in a 5v5 when 3 players want to leave. it simply does not make any sense. this kind of system has lead to many problems, many of which i have personally experienced.

    in every other F6 vote with a lower amount of players it is majority rules, whether it is an f6 or f7 majority. why not with 5v5? it simply makes no sense.

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