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Thread: Hera!!!!

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    Can we get a nerf to Hera's buffs? They seem to nerf anyone else for ex. Discordia, Artio, Hebo, Hachiman within a month these gods were nerfed almost to the ground and don't do the damage they used too yet it's been 2 months and no changes yet. I'll start out with this 1200 damage from 2 moves? And the pet that does just as much and her shield buff and having the pet out for 90% of the battle with 3500 health at level 5 fyi more than almost all the guardians unless they built hp items. Divine shroud broken, pet to much health, and how long its active ultimate cool down needs increased as well shouldn't be able to call argus and have him out 40 secs to have him die then call him back out in 20 secs because her passive commanding presence allows 1 sec cool down with dmg from abilities I mean come on again I will refer to discordia the first update after her release she was nerfed. It's been 2 updates now and no change??

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    Hirez have a bad habit of waiting half a year before they start nerfing gods they are really satisfied with. If you know about susano and jing wei, both ruined the game for 6 months each before hirez decided they had stacked up enough hate mails and had to do something. Bellona still op after 4 seasons no kidding. Just wait until s6 where they are gonna have fewer patches meaning you have to wait for at least 12 months before they nerf the released op gods.

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