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Thread: Mac Login Troubles

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    Mac Login Troubles

    (my username is in fact a joke, thank you)

    I was hoping someone can help with launching smite on my mac. I'm using steam and I heard other people were having the same issues. And all they had to do was go to "browse local files", then "binaries", "redist", and the finally go to the InstallHirezService.exe file. But upon going to local files, I'm shown only "HirezlauncherUI". Which is the main reason why I can't login to my account even though, I placed the correct username and password. Hoping someone here has a solution. Thank you in advance.

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    it's possible you are missing the file which can mean one of the following things;

    1) Something derped during the install and thus it never existed

    2) Recent changes in Smite caused the aforementioned file to derp into nonexistence

    3) Recent changes in Mac caused the aforementioned file to derp into nonexistence

    4) Recent changes to Steam caused the aforementioned file to derp into nonexistence
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