Hello there UI development team, here are a couple things that I want as a player.

First, I'd like an exit button in the top right corner of the client. I'd even consider an option to have the lobby client "Windowed Fullscreen" while the actual game is "Fullscreen". I've seen many players turn "Fullscreen" to "Windowed Fullscreen" when the game ends and vice-versa when the game starts. There are countless games that have a non-fullscreen windowed lobby client, which is kinda nice, but fullscreen is a design choice I'll tolerate. At the very least, have some sort of Dual monitor setting so that people can go between windows easily in lobby.

Second, I'd like Alt+F4 to close the client (maybe not in-game due to troll messages).

And finally, can Esc not exit out of the post game lobby? Previously I would spam Esc to quickly close the commendation screen as soon as possible (I play in a party often! I'm not that selfish I swear), but not if I spam it, it will also boot me out of the lobby. I cannot look at the post game stats or chat with the enemy team then.

Thanks for considering these small changes.