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Thread: Where are the skins of ao kuang?

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    Where are the skins of ao kuang?

    Update Dragons fortune 5.9, but.. Where are the skins of ao kuang?

    They always draw styles of thousands of gods, less for ao kuang.

    I think AoKuang is a god who has a lot of potential to do styles beyond creativity.

    You did a medieval dragon event with the king arturo and you forgot that the basis of everything at that time was the epic battle against the dragons of water and fire.

    They took dragon styles for everyone and forgot AoKuang?

    it's as if ... they made events of love and forget cupid.

    In a dragon chest there is nothing for AoKuang which seems to me a total madness and lack of initiative and creativity.

    they should start first with the dragon

    styles like:

    Pirate, pixels, vampire, beach.

    They have many topics to do.
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    Kuang already has dragon skins. Its more fun to make him smth else less obvious. And if we want dragon skins for him he could be our 2nd White walker aswell. Both pirate and pixel would be neat for him i agree.

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    Ao Kuang alternating elements/ cosmic forces sounds interesting to me. Could really spice his appearance up without alternating his base appearance too much.

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