So after hours of continuous play with King Arthur, I have come up with what I can legit say would be his strongest set up for public Conquest. This is purely a damage build that excels in the solo lane. Now i can hear you typing now, "Solo? King Arthur cant 1 on 1 anyone!" While normally your right, you just gotta play with the most "I dont give a damn" attitude possible. Step by step, here we go.

Start with Basic Boots, Warrior or Guardian Blessing, and 3 Healing and Mixed Potions. Relic is your choice but i go for meditation cloak. ALWAYS level up your Overhead Slash first.

Bully your opponent completely while damaging the creeps. Use the Overhead to nuke a wake while its coming and the Hamstring part to damage your enemy.

You will keep a stock of 3 healing and Mixed potions any time you can until later on once you get a Blood Forge or Soul Eater.

Value points into all abilities but Max out your Overhead as soon as possible. Its your bread and butter. 2 point the Battle Stomp. Level up Twin Cleave LAST as the shred is fixed. No point in maxing it out there. Bladestorm is there for AOE energy generation.

Your item progression will be this:
Warrior Tabi -> Rage -> Malice -> Bloodforge OR Soul Eater Never both -> Defense item based on situation (Breastplate of Valor, Acline, or Hide of the Urchin) -> Jotunn or Transcendence

Why Rage and Malice?
Rage and Malice will grant you more ability damage when paired together almost 100% of the time if you basic attack between abilities.

Why Bloodforge over Soul Eater?
For that shield and Physical Power. Soul Eater is fine too, but thats a different build entirely focused on cooldowns.

Why Build Transcendence Last?
Unfortunately you want your crit items up before anything beyond that. Transcendence can be replaced with anything you want here.

How Viable is this build?
Well I managed to 1v1 Achilles with a Nox ganking the lane as well, He Bo in mid lane, and even a Guan Yu. Unless your going against someone with hard CC, you can pretty much Bully your opponent into needing a gank to survive, which pulls pressure from your allies.

Now this build can change into a support build or even a tanking build if you see the enemy team with something you may find abit more annoying. I offer a Support Build below. Same Ability progression, but mix it up at needs be.

Item Progression for a Supporting/Tanking Build:
Reinforced Greaves -> Stone of Gaia -> Mail of Renewal (your not killing at all) or Masamune (abit more damage) -> Oni Hunter's Garb -> Hide of the Urchin -> Spirit Robe

This item build will have Guardian Relic and aim for an Early Stone and Mail, but Item pick ups do not matter in this ordering here to much. You just want to survive as long as possible to act as a sacrifice if need be.

Now honestly, I still want his Basic Attack to change along with his passive getting an upgrade. But I will do what I can.