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Thread: A Gaming Company can kill their games with poor management even they got money

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    Angry A Gaming Company can kill their games with poor management even they got money

    So Hi-rez decide to reach Switch because they probabaly don't get any attention even with Xbox and Ps4 platforms.

    How sad they advertise and polish their games so hard and use our money so wisable.Actually they didn't
    You know they did They spend our hard earn cash to follow trends so they dream making ton of money until genre become dry.
    After buying all this gems,as a customer you expect better game servers,less bugs,better gameplay right?
    Well search this qualities in somewhere else because this is Hi-rez.They killed their games many times just because they have any love to make their games better if a game dont get attention abandon it and focus next popular genre.Tribal Ascend,Global Agenda they were promising ideas and with good development they could be rival of Warframe but Hi-rez not Digital Extreme.Hi-rez all about making quick cash quick as possible and game quality who cares.Throw them more skins like glitter on shit.

    Casual scene of Smite is literally a garbage on fire right now.You can see 5 year old 160 lvl player team up with 20 lvl player in game and this is torture for both of them.THİS İS A GAME JUST HAVE FUN excuse dont work anymore when your team don't know about building or role sharing,their lanes and teamplay

    Just think about it You are new player just complete to tutorial and coop and enter to PvP mode you dont know what to build or what is wards or what is meta just come here for fun and you are just trying to learn to game and you playing againts veteran 100+ lvl players who know to meta,counterbuild and you just farmed like minions.Really keep dying and dying and finding yourself at fountain really Fun to play?OR your veteran teamplay hates you because you wasting their effort by feeding like crazy.

    When you play with your level players this is not a issues bc your team or enemy is new in game but when you team up or playing agaitns Veteran players this is the reason many new player just quitting to game.This is the reason many veteran players qutting Smite too because they lost their hope for seeing this game goes nothing.I remember first Oddysey in Season 1 Hi-rez harvest 2 million Dollar for SPL league and what happen to this game?Paladins...And now every month a oddysey like event happening back to back because limited time skins makes money and we gonna use this money for another game will die bc our poor management cought Hand of Gods and Realm Royale cought.

    İn 2019 you they gonna connect Pc and Switch players together.Good luck on that dude.People Definitely bored from Smash bros and join your game immediately.Also thank you for ruining Pc UI and matchmaking so we can team up with players just randomly picking a god bc they dont know wtf they are playing.This game definitely not dying guys sure sure.I supporting this game since 2014 with my hard earn money and waiting for a better game but nope.Waste your money for chasing popular genres and keep fail.And this is iT.

    Critize for better Smite.

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    it isn't just pc and switch that are being linked together, xbox is in on that bandwagon as well (sony wants no part of it cause they think they are better)

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    Damn someone's salty.

    FYI, you can turn off cross platform play. So you'll only get team up with other bad players on PC and not from consoles.

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