This is NOT a witchhunt, i will post no account names details or anything here, if this is still an issue or in the wrong place let me know, i just wish to have a discussion and to type this down somewhere to relieve my own annoyance with the issue.

I just completed a game of 5 VS 3 conquest that took over 40 minutes because a 3 man premade on my team refused to push titan and instead decided to stroke their egos and kill the 2 afk players on fountain. The enemy team did not surrender because 2 of them were doing fine solo but the one remaining player obviously wanted it to end just as much as me because he walked into suicides and sat on fountain not fighting back. I attempted to kill titan, but solo that was not going to happen. Why is it that on both ends here me and the obviously bored and annoyed enemy, were we required to sit in game and wait for people to want to end it or face reports due to leaving?