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Thread: Ideas for Irish/Celtic gods

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    Ideas for Irish/Celtic gods

    I've noticed that there are only four Celtic gods, The Morrighan, Cu Chulainn, Cernunos and Artio, I have some ideas for some more that hopefully can be put into the game. I follow the irish pantheon so I think it would be really interesting to see these gods in game. What about Lugh, the Shining One/God of Light, Mananann Mac Lir, God of the seas, Nuada of the silver hand, Dagda, god of the seasons, Danu, the Earth Mother, Bel, God of the Sun, Flachta, Goddess of the moon. These are just some ideas that I honestly would love to see in game, hopefully they make it into the game. I would also be willing to help with the lore if needed

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    The issue here lies in the fact that the Celtic Pantheon is based in 4 different regions, each with their own Gods/Goddesses/Legends/Myths/Heroes/etc.

    Some of which are ONLY known by their name and nothing more. That is why there have been countless posts with god ideas for the Celtic Pantheon...not that Hi-Rez seems to pay attention to anything that is posted here.

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    Agreed, plus they seem more invested in adding in Pantheons NO ONE ASKED FOR
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