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Thread: This patch... sigh

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    Angry This patch... sigh

    To being, this user interface is absolute garbage, to put it lightly.

    I can no longer tell if someone is in a game, and if so, what game mode they are in.

    I got invited to a party and missed the invite, then couldn't send out any invites because I had to 'respond to a pending invite'. Mind you, the 'pending invite' was over two hours old.

    If I leave a party, disband a party, or send an invite to start a party and someone doesn't accept. I get stuck "In a party". In each case, I have to totally close out of the game, and relaunch, which after the last few patches, takes forever to do so.

    In one instance, I joined a game, however had the pre-game lobby over lay, so I could not move, buy anything, or even type. I had to relog.

    What is going on here..

    Everyone in my clan and friends list is having these issues. The party bug issue has been going on since BEFORE the game was in maintenance for almost 24 hours.

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    Finally !

    I'm totally agree, this interface is so fucking shit !

    Why the hell there is a filter to see "New" god (so it show only one god : Hera, the latest) and a filter for gods we can buy... It's absolutely not usefull when we are in a game.

    Why remove filter "Guardian, Warrior, Mage, Hunter, Assassin" it's was the most important filter!

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