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Thread: An Open Letter to HiRez

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    An Open Letter to HiRez

    Hi HiRez,

    I've been meaning to write you a letter for a long time now, so here it is.

    First off, thank you for making such a fun, engaging game! I've been playing since season 2 and Smite is by far my favorite game of the last several years. I play every game mode, watch the Smite world championships, watch smite videos/streams, and get my friends to play it.

    That being said, there are several issues I'd like to share with you that really bother me.

    1. Why are 92% of all the human gods white (default white skin or majority white alternative skins). You have gods from cultures all over the world, but you've whitewashed them all to appeal to your white boy fan base. If you're going to have gods from all over the world, please honor the culture you're trying to represent by not whitewashing it.

    2. Where are the gods from the African pantheons? You have pantheons from South Africa, Europe & Asia but none from Africa or Australia. It would be great to see all cultures represented.

    3. If you're going to make every female god have MASSIVE unrealistic breasts, please give the male gods giant DICKS. Hyper-sexualizing women for men's pleasure has long been a standard in the video game industry, but that doesn't make it a good choice. None of the kick-ass warrior goddesses in Smite need giant boobs to look good or be good, but it does contribute to the unrealistic view of women's bodies that so many young people have these days. It would be great to see a video game maker actually care for once, and work towards making our culture a healthier place regarding body image and the way we treat women.

    4. I don't know why you made such a drastic change to the UI this latest patch, but please change it back. It's confusing, looks awful and is NOT user friendly.


    A longtime fan

    Ps. If you're a white boy who's butthurt about my letter, too bad. There are a million video games and porno's featuring white girls with big tits that you can go jerk off to. The world doesn't need more of that, and this game can and should do better.

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    1)Is Chaac white? What about Ymir? Alright, the second one is "a bit" a troll. But I don't feel they're all whitewashed. Maybe it's just me though...

    2)It is told African pantheons will come and some items have their names too. It has been announced years ago. I don't understand while Pele, Baron and Chernobog came first with theirs, still. It'll come.

    3)I don't know if it is really serious. Whatever, for the breasts or the half-nudity, if you search for pictures/paintings/... of Aphrodite/Venus/..., you'll see it's not just from Hi-Rez. And if you remove nude statues/painting, you'll see this topic is non-sense.

    4)Many threads open. It's ugly but the problem is not how beautiful it is(not)but the features'...

    P.S.: Not hurt. But even it's relevant, it's not really important to me...let's make them all purple. It'll be the same for me.
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    1.Since you lack western education...Norse,Greek,Roman,Slavian and partly Egyptian mythologies consist of "white" gods and heroes,if it bothers(and it does)than stop being a racist scumbag(I encourage you to look up what the scumbag means to fully appreciate the comment).

    2.Eventually Im sure it will happen,African mythology is neither well known nor particulary interesting,most people in the west know who Zeus is.


    We have very different definition of "MASSIVE",it looks like what bothers you is that women have breast at all.Since you openly said you prefer penises you will have to look somewhere else to scratch that itch.


    PS.Since we established that you are a racist scumbag and a homosexual,the world will not bend to the wishes of 1-2% of its population(racist homosexuals),majority will not sonform to the minority with extreme views.And btw you are using electricity and that is cultural appropriation on your part stop immediatly.

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    1. This is partly true but to say they did this purely because of a 'white boy fanbase' is very silly. I think the reason for this is mainly because out of the original pantheons in the game, such as the Greeks and the Norse, most of the Gods would have actually been portrayed as being white in mythology.

    2. They may add Gods from this pantheon in the future. I think they wanted to focus on the more popular and well known pantheons first, as they know how much people love characters like Loki and Thor.

    3. This is ridiculous. Though it's true that every single woman in this game has giant melon tits, every single man has giant biceps to compensate. Even Bacchus. That's just video games for you.

    4. Agreed. Apparently it's because maintaining two different UIs for both console and PC was 'too challenging', but then again what isn't too challenging for this garbage company.

    5. Hi-Rez don't even check this forum anymore because they know that Reddit is far more popular. You'd be better off posting this there.
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    I'd like to point out that Egypt is on the African continent. Pele, Baron and Chernobog were one-off flavor picks for the Ragnarok narative, as are Arthur and Merlin, Jormungandr is going to wrap that narative.

    It's teased we're getting a new pantheon after Horus and set, with the teaser using what looks like the African Savannah, though it COULD be Australian Aboriginal, but I doubt it.

    Most of the goddess depictions are lore inspired, it wasn't until Protestants spread everywhere, shaming the local populations they colonized, that nudity became shunned. Nudity being sexual wasn't even a selling point until it was demonized, peoples all over Asia, Africa, and the America's would wear only what they needed for protection from the elements, as an example, Japanese women would work in fields and rice paddies topless to beat the heat until Christian missionaries came and were like "OMG bare boobs you're all disgusting savages".
    So while yes it does appeal to the modern male audience, it'd be even more accurate for Hera, Aphrodie, and Athena to be stark naked whenever Discordia threw her ult.
    As for Dicks most male deities wore battle gear, best we can give give you is naked Zeus and Bachus with full on hard ons chasing the ladies.

    As for the white gods thing, thats just historical accuracy, pale and or golden skin is considered beautiful in cultures all over the world all throughout history, if anything the sense of white entitlement came from darker cultures mistaking them for gods and demi-gods, stroking egos until it became a feeling of superiority. The irony is fair skinned people made up a small percentage of the world population, and if that reverence had instead been malice, white people would probably have never spread beyond northernmost Europe.

    As said above this forum is barely maintained, theres like one Employee who just shuts down flaming and removes player names when shaming, if you want to be heard by HiRez, reddit and direct support messages are the way to go.
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