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Thread: Loki Naughty List advanture

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    Loki Naughty List advanture

    So I was not in Smite when the original adventure was out, Tried it once today.
    Surprised I could not get Relics or Consumables.
    Used Aprho because I knew 1 healer was needed, still could not keep up.
    One person pinged these cages for some reason but I do not know why.
    We got wiped and was surprised at no respawn like the 2 previous PvE adventures I did in the past year.
    Any tips on gods, builds and what to expect?

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    The relics/consumables are banned in this adventure. If I remember right about the respaw, your team need to clear the monsters on that section, then you can respawn at the last checkpoint (that big blue crystal or at the start). A good team God was most used Nike, Aprho, Ah muzen cab or cernunos (even if he have the ultimate useless Vs minions) With Nike that get the aggro with tank build and aura buff/team protections like sovereignty, Aprho keep heal most on Nike with a build like: chrono, phytagorem, thauti, Asclepius, Shogun, lotus crown. With AMC that clear the monsters that are attacking Nike. with atk speed , power, and most lifesteal and penetration; like executioner, devourer, ASI, transcendence, deathbringer, demon wing. Note we no need much for shoes, so I can sacrifice them for a useful item. That was the most items used for beat the complete Loki adventure, hope that can help u all, but u are free to change it as u like. Have fun!

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