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Thread: **apollo changes**

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    **apollo changes**

    Hi Guys,

    I am a great fan and player of Smite for many years
    I really love all the Greek gods that the team have created, and they are how they are supposed to look like. But i have a request that can you make a skin of Apollo that look like the ones below? Because i think Apollo deserves a much more adult or macho look like the rest of the Greek Gods and his siblings. He should have a bow & shooting fiery arrows like his twin sister too. I do strongly believe that the original Apollo across many games look like the pictures below. The rest of the Greek Gods are fine so far. but Apollo really needs a revamp and not look like a kid. Perhaps can really take a look at how the game
    Zeus Master of Olympus PC game 1999, those gods are so macho and looked like how they supposed to be. And also the new IOS game Gods of Olympus.

    And if there is any alterations of skills, i also believe that the God of Thunder Thor, must have at least some thunder or lightning skills right?
    Since Thor is also a famous God, but its a bit of lacking off with not a single thunder or lightning skills.

    Perhaps we can add ATLAS a new God to Smite too...check this link

    I really hope that the team can look into my ideas to make the game even more interesting. Thank you.

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    They'll need to get through with a whole bunch of legal stuff in order to do this.
    And they've already been through legal issues due to skins (see eliminator ravana)

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    Apollo using a bow instead of firebolts from his unique hand crossbows would require a complete remodel. Also he's a god of music, so he's deliberately designed with popular rock musicians like Sting or Sid Vicious in mind most of the time, his Agent and racer skin being exceptions for the finger gun aesthetic translating well to silenced pistols and tire guns.
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