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Thread: need tips building artio

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    need tips building artio

    need some builds for building artio in and out of conquest been trying on some builds but i don't really know how to build her correctly

    guardian blessing- > gauntlet of thebes -> sov - > heartward - > bov - > soul reaver - > sell guardian blessing for mantle or spirit robe

    outside conquest i've been trying on different builds tho - guardian blessing - > bov/genji - > bov/genji - > spear of magus -> some random dmg or defense items

    or for full dmg ive been going with mages blessing - > shaman ring - > chronos - > spear of magus - > soul gem - > soul reaver - > rod of tahuti or poly

    but really tho i've been just like building random items can't really decide on what to build on her these are just the builds i've been using most till now but not sure how good they are recently got her cool looking skin so i thought maybe i'll start playing her more
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    Generally, the 3 things that Artio wants:




    Since, she wants to use her abilities often. She wants to have mana to use her abilities that often and she wants to have an impact with her abilities that don't have CC on them.

    As far as my build for her goes, currently the template is something along the lines of:

    Guardian's Blessing > CDR Boots > BoV/Void > BoV/Void > Stone of Binding > Spirit's Robe > Gem of Isolation

    With tweaks made depending on what's happening in the game.
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    If you wanna deal dmg with guardian get flat pen or % pen or both. Chances are you are mostly hitting squish or their front so go with what the situation demands most. In my experience artio wants to deal with the front before rushing down the back Obsidian I think will help more with this?

    I really dislike this lone soul reaver pick on many guardians.
    Ok for terra it can work since the power translates into heals both on pillar and on ult and ult gets fair bit of dmg from power and she has a fairly large aoe zone. So its a kind of quadruple effect. On artio even though she has 4 dmg skills, I'm not sure scalings are worth it when it could be 15/20 pen instead which is 15/20% more dmg roughly, or in the case of Obsidian close to 40% more dmg on tankys. Quickly looking at scalings seem she can reach some 20-30% extra dmg from reaver, compare to void that gives about 20% to all magicals on team. Not to mention spear that can setup like 50% dmg increase from your mage on squishies or deso which has almost as much power but that 15 flat pen extra AND cdr.

    maybe soulreaver is a nice middle ground item. Still I'd say Deso would be better since it has cd as well, good power and pene for even more dmg. And if you want the health proc cause u hit tanky fronters then u better of with obsidian I'm pretty sure.

    and if you absolutely want soul reaver why not get void stone with it? Half assed power without pene is lackluster.

    note: I don't play artio or terra. It might be the scalings of dmg and heal together that make it worth to buy that one 130 pwr item more so then other stats. But in artios case I doubt it.

    Guardian's Blessing > CDR Boots > BoV/Void > BoV/Void > Stone of Binding > Spirit's Robe > Gem of Isolation
    A well rounded build. Replace boots late game and get pot. stone of binding can be swapped for hp item if you feeling to squish (winged blade myb).

    Personally I'm a huge fan of winged blade on guardians, extra ms, good health + CCR everything you want. Artio looks so stupid rushing as bear when slowed just saying.
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