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Thread: Towers, Phoenix, and Titan buff

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    Towers, Phoenix, and Titan buff

    Far too often I see a close game where neither team is able to do much damage to even the first tower, and the flow goes back and forth for a long time....just to have one team get lucky with a deicide and then blow through tower, phoenix, and titan all in a single push. Thus, the following suggestions.

    1. Towers: Towers don't need much of a buff, but I suggest adding a 'shield' to them that blocks all global powers. This would include Nu Wa and Xba's ults, Zeus' lightning strike if you have orbs, and so on. Anything that has an unlimited range and does not require targeting.

    2. Phoenix: The Phoenix should level with their team average, gaining health, defenses, HP5, and attack power as it does. This would culminate at level 25 when everyone on their team is level 20. Additionally, they would also generate the same shield blocking globals as the towers do.

    3. Titan: The titan is super squishy currently. Just like the phoenix, it should also level based on the average of its team, culminating at level 30 once all the players are 20. In addition, the titan should always prioritize players over minions, making taking this behemoth down a real challenge at all stages of the match. The titan should NOT generate the anti-global shield, but instead it would force a respawn of all dead gods on it's team when it gets attacked, with a cooldown of 30 seconds on this respawn.

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    the idea behind it is really good but if you play in joust and you play nu wa the team always could run in the tower shield and getting no damage this would be way too op give them only more hp and defense

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