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Thread: God with mana drain

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    God with mana drain

    What you think of introducing a mana drain God to the game?

    Several other Mobas have mana drain Gods / heroes.

    Something in kit drains mana, ultimate does more dmg depending on missing mana.

    Strong early game, weaker later game as mana pools are so high.

    There already are counters, meditation being one item you could use to get off a few more crucial spells or bracer. There are also a few Gods in game already that are less reliant on mana, chu, thanna, pele (i might forget someone) that can work as counter picks.
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    It's something to consider. Especially given how irrelevant mana in the game actually is past like 3 minutes due to many initial items having MP5 on...

    The thing about it though, is it's hard to balance.

    Like, if it does too much, it's not fun and it invalidates basically any non-basic attack god (See: Cancer Lancer in Dota 2... Christ he's so not fun to deal with...)

    If it doesn't do enough, then it's irrelevant and that mechanic just wasn't worth the inclusion because everyone gets essentially infinite mana so easily outside some real mana hog gods (Such as stance dancers like Artio and Hel or gods with absurdly expensive skills like Apollo).

    Personally, the way I could see it being included is some sort of mana burn type mechanic. So you burn off a percentage of the target(s) maximum mana and deal that value to their health too. Essentially keeping it relevant despite infinite mana by making it do health damage.

    With the idea of it being kind of a punishment for the Book of Thoth/Transcendance mana stacking builds by way of turning those large mana pools into a liability.
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    Heka/Hike would be the one to put this kit on

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    I do remember a character from Paragon who had some mana theft that wasnt super punishing at first, but combo'd well with her ultimate, that dealt more damage the less mana an enemy had.

    With keeping the mana theft moderate, it is a slight utility mechanic that later punished had for landing all her abilities and good set up.

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