I know so many latam players will be triggered and spew hatred on me but I dont care İt's been 5 years and I get so many shit from this Latam community and I sick and tired from this.

There is toxicity in every competitive game and every nation but when one community keep perfecting this aspect in game and starting to become toxic from first min of game for a simple mistake.Like missing ultimates,or dont let them to role they want or dont help their buff and turning to cesspool you starting to hate them.%99 times this happening and after this point if I see a latam name I muting them immediately because enought is enought. I start to game in Eu server.Spanish players ruining to game after that I pass to NA for escape from them now Mexicans here.Like LAtam players everywhere except their server.There is 3 server for Latam players and Yet still they are everywhere.

Can we please sake of this game Titan Forge.Look this is legit a constructive idea.Can you please improve to Latam servers and put all Latam players to their servers.What kinda person still crying for Ks in this game come on ?!