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Thread: Ao Kuang Ult

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    Quote Originally Posted by LinkNightblade View Post
    This could work.

    Also the only reason you trumped his ult is cause you actually hit him and got your CC immunity from your Pluck (that buff last year was still one of the most op things they could have done to fix that ability, same with Chiron's Training Excersize gaining CC immunity for a quarter second now too).
    It wasn't a buff sobek always had it, it now just shows that he has it. Actually it was better before as he was completely immune to dmg (he was in banished state) as well for a short while, now he is just cc immune.

    But yes I understand this but the only reason AK died in this case is cause his animation timer to proc his effects is so long. And any kind of cc immune during this cancels it. Ne zha ult for example is instant and you gotta pre beads to avoid while AK ult you have all the time in the world to beads it. And in my experience lots of other things can ruin your day during this long animation execute. Fine it can be his achilles heel, I mean he is super strong as is, all kits should have some weakness. I just rather have him with a more reliable ult even if his kit gotta suffer for it cause it doesn't feel good to play it the way it is, well in my opinion at least.
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    Surprisingly Ne Zha ult isn't actually instant. There's about a quarter second when he hits you with his ult before you fly up that you can beads. Unfortunately, that time frame doesn't exist with online play and is only relevant in LAN events so 99% of the player base doesn't get to use this split second frame to use Purify.

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    I actually loathe Ao Kuang's ultimate. I love the God unconditionally, but I loathe that it's an ultimate that "invokes his true Dragon Form" and shoots you skyward with the enemy in your mouth. Why can't he just turn in to a dragon on the ground and roflstomp people in a mad rage like his Lore suggests? And why does his passive have to somehow tie in to his wonky ultimate?

    The only way I can see his ultimate being better right now is:
    1. Increase the % threshold much like Thanatos' does, even by 5%.

    2. Make it so there is zero delay if he activates his ultimate on somebody who is in the execute threshold perameter, meaning that he slides forward, eats them instantly and flies up to the sky while chomping on them.

    3. Rework his ultimate to not be some semi-garbage execute that succeeds more often in getting Ao Kuang killed, or his rightful executes ninja'd by teammates. Literally, this is the single most retarded thing possible, that I can literally go skyward on an Execute and NOT GET THE POINT FOR IT, WHAT THE BLAZING BLUE ------------------. ARE YOU SERIOUS!? And on the flipside: He sits on the ground for way longer than is reasonable, completely open and utterly DEFENSELESS for anybody and everybody to shit on him for it. I play Ao Kuang and I try my DAMNDEST to never hit my ultimate. I do, honestly.

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    I have posted a few times stating that Ao's ult needs a big rework. its just too buggy to get off sometimes, and countered by most items int he game. my solution is to make the ult a ground target that when you pop it you go into the dragon at that location 100% of the time, anyone within the circle that is under 30% health will be executed. this way you can actually miss the ult and you can use it for an escape as well. i think being able to go into a fight knowing that your ult is reliable will change a lot for ao kuang.

    we are one step closer to balanced with him now his passive doesnt rely on getting off probably the least reliable and easily countered ult in the game.

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