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Thread: Why can you not get a full game?

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    Why can you not get a full game?

    Today I have played Smite for about 4 hours. Just like always I cant even play a game over 20 minutes because one of the teams have to get butthurt that they are slightly losing and just ff. I can understand people choosing to ff if they are considerably down. But when no team has even taken a tower and they ff thats just simply retarded. Get your shit together and play the full match you queued up for. Why even play the game if you can't stand to finish a match? Just quit the fucking game and play League or some shit if you want to ff every single game...

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    if you have a problem with the system then you are playing the wrong game

    the ff option exists to help players get out of matches they don't want to be in

    why people ff varies from game to game

    did someone dc?

    is someone on the team feeding/inting?

    is someone on the team toxic?

    has x happened really early? (towers down/phoenixes down/etc)

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