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Thread: Godslayer | 5.23 Update Notes

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    Godslayer | 5.23 Update Notes


    Jingle Shells Kuzenbo

    Dual Tech Hel
    Exclusive | Odyssey

    Kitty Kaboom Serqet
    Exclusive | Odyssey

    Battle Queen Hera
    Exclusive | Odyssey

    Shadow Stalker Izanami
    Exclusive | Odyssey

    Count Baron Samedi

    Stitched Horror Zhong Kui
    Exclusive | Odyssey

    Godslayer Ares
    Limited | Odyssey
    Purchasable Items

    • Dual Tech Hel
    • Kitty Kaboom Serqet
    • Shadow Stalker Izanami
    • Stitched Horror Zhong Kui
    • Unamused Hera Death Mark
    • Regal Level Up Skin
    • Argus Ward Skin

    Bonus Items

    • Regal HUD Skin
    • Battle Queen Hera
    • Godslayer Ares

    Loki’s on the Naughty List, and it’s up to you to punish him! Journey back to Helheim and face The Trickster in the epic final battle from Shadows over Hercopolis! But prepare yourselves, this encounter brings all new challenges, and Loki is sure to have new tricks up his sleeve.

    Player Gifting

    • It’s the season of giving! In SMITE update 5.23 you’ll be able to send gifts directly to other players! For full details on this new feature check out our Player Gifting blog for more details!


    • The Play screen and Match Lobby screens have been updated on PC
    • The Friends List and Party menus have been updated on all platforms

    Ah Puch

    When Mid Season hit Ah Puch rose from the dead, becoming a strong pick in Conquest while continuing his strong performance in other modes. The keys to his success were his new early game strength and the fact that Empty the Crypts had more staying power. With this patch we are looking to tone down aspects of his kit to increase counterplay options without changing what makes him a valuable pick: zone control and burst DPS.

    Undead Surge is seeing a decrease in its slow duration, both reducing his ability to chase or peel enemies off himself. Empty the Crypts is also seeing a duration reduction. The zone control and pressure this ultimate provides gave teams large openings to siege objectives or stall out engages. The reduced duration should give teams more openings in these situations.

    Undead Surge

    • Decreased Slow Duration from 3s to 2s

    Empty the Crypts

    • Decreased Duration from 6s to 5s

    Cu Chulainn

    Early on in Season 5, Cu Chulainn was quite the powerhouse, receiving 3 nerfs to bring him more into line. As the Season has shaped out however, Cu Chulainn has struggled to keep up.

    Overall, his Berserk form is still quite impactful and that is what most of the nerfs were targeted towards. Rather than reverting that and bringing back frustration, we want to increase the power of Base Cu Chulainn and his teamfight potential. Spear of Mortal Pain’s cooldown is being reduced. This will allow him to bring more control to fights, while giving him a large boost to his Rage.

    Spear of Mortal Pain(War Cry)

    • Decreased Cooldown of Spear of Mortal Pain from 100s to 85s
    • Updated description to display the cooldown of Cu Chulainn’s transformed Ultimate (35s)

    Guan Yu

    A while back Guan Yu got significant changes that pushed him towards the top of Ranked and Normal play. His Passive applying to all abilities while in combat caused him him excel in many ways, especially with Conviction getting a 2x healing multiplier. When we changed this to 1.5x he quickly fell out of favor and went back to struggling behind the rest of the Gods.

    We feel we can bring back some of his healing capability and find a solid middle ground where Guan Yu will feel impactful but not overwhelming.


    • Boosted the bonus healing from 1.5x to 1.7x


    Hades is a god who has undergone a larger identity shift over the years. Previously a Guardian, today he plays as a Point Blank AoE Mage with high damage potential with high tradeoffs, but older stats that made sense back then currently hold him back from accomplishing this.

    We are increasing Hades’ base movement speed to better facilitate his close range damage. Pillar of Agony will also be buffed, specifically by increasing the Protections Hades receives while firing the ability. These two changes should help bring together Hades’ entire kit, allowing him to build more damage but still survive team fights.


    • Increased Movement Speed from 355 to 365

    Pillar of Agony

    • Increased Protections from 60/70/80/90/100 to 60/85/110/135/160


    Colossal Fury is supposed to be a moment of high impact where Vamana can charge forward and lead his team, but he often struggles at accomplishing that goal. The bonus health is not enough to keep him alive through focused damage and in many cases a single god can invalidate its use.

    We are increasing how frequently the heal occurs, and decreasing the amount to make his health regeneration more smooth. We are also adding a stacking Health Shield that will boost his survivability during combat without increasing his out of combat healing. Finally, Colossal Fury will now allow Vamana to step through players and player made walls, making him much more difficult to block from a fight.

    Colossal Fury

    • Vamana now also gains a stacking Health Shield every second equal to 0.6% to his max HP per .2s. This Shield fades when Vamana’s ultimate ends.
    • Changed his heal to tick every 0.2s instead of 1s
      Vamana still heals for the same amount of health each second as he did previously.
    • Can now pass through Player made walls while his ultimate is active.


    • Fixed an issue with a red ground target appearing beneath buff camps in the Tutorial


    • Fixed an issue where Referred Friends would receive an error when a new user tries to play the Tutorial.


    • Shonen Spark Mercury

      • Fixed an issue where this skin would play multiple voice lines on a single ability fire

    Gods & Items

    • Aegis Amulet

      • Fixed an issue where Upgraded Aegis Amulet could be used and unintended times, like while already firing an ability

    • Ah Muzen Cab

      • Bees!

        • Updated the description to show how much damage Bees does

    • Hel

      • Switch Stances

        • Reduced the percentage chance of Hel saying a Voice Line while stance changing from 100% to 60%

    Fantasy Points Store

    New additions to the Fantasy Points Store

    • Twisted Metal The Morrigan
    • Kaiju Sobek
    • Torment Bellona

    Awesome Chest

    New additions to the Awesome Chest

    • Molten He Bo
    • Mystic Guardian Athena

    Loadout Items

    • Sanguine Avatar
    • Sanguine Loading Frame
    • Godslayer Jump Stamp
    • Godslayer Recall Skin


    • Count Baron Samedi will not be available when Update 5.23 goes live. This skin will release at a later date during Update 5.23.
    • Zhong Kui’s Mastery Skins have been updated

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    Hang on, there's a new adventure already? I thought domination was the final one of the year? It's not even been out that long.

    I do like the Zhong and Ares skins though, the fatman finally got a decent skin and I'm getting some good Nightmare Before Christmas vibes from it.

    Bit disappointed with the fantasy points store though. I have 19k points that I haven't been able to spend yet. I wish they hadn't taken Ragnarok Fenrir out so quickly.
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    In case you missed the update show, Zhong can ride his paintbrush like a broom and Ares T5 is epic, with the ability to switch and choose between all of your forms at level 20 by using his special emote. Altogether I think this patch looks promising, the skins look great. Can't wait, and then the next patch notes will be Arthur the confirmed.
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    It's not an actual adventure, it's just the last part of older adventure (Shadows of Hercopolis or whatever it was called). So people can kill Loki.
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    -Santa Daddy Kuzen

    -Ares T5

    -Ah Puch nerfs

    -Big Baby buffs

    -Indirect Odin nerf

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    Ares T5 is super good the ultimate animation is great and final form looks pretty cool
    serqet skin also looks pretty cool imo definitely getting it
    kuzenbo skin is pretty basic but it's free so that's cool

    hades buff seems cool let's see how he does with it
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