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Thread: TripleCharged is lazy af

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    TripleCharged is lazy af

    So I used to be in the smite reddit discord, and it was whatever. One day i felt like being a funny asshole so i just typed "yondu dies" which was like a spoiler to a movie. and people do that all the time literally i could find other examples if i scrolled up. but something must have been up triple charged's ass that day because first he dm's me and says change it in one minute or im banned. I said ok changed it and apologised and he told me to fuck off. I said i'll leave as i felt bad cuz it was just a joke. he said please do and so i left. a few months later i decide to join back and find out i am banned from it. i had no clue why at the time so i got a friend of mine to ask triple charged who claims that I told him to fuck off and he calls me a dipshit. Then i ask my friend to invite him to a discord of ours so i can dm triplecharged and he does. I tell triple charged I never said fuck off. he says "oh it was me. but you still arent getting unbanned" that seems pretty unfair to me and he knows hes a fucking clueless idiot so he starts making up shit because theres no way to certainly prove it even though he was satisfied when i had changed my name. I show him proof I changed it and he just says "Well you can complain" and lo and behold leaves while I am still banned because hes a lazy asshole who doesn't care about anything. This was 2 years ago but i just came across it again in an old dm and decided someone needs to say something about these stupid mods who just bullshit the community just because they can. I will attach screenshots to show what he said. This one is when my friend asked him and triple claims I said fuck off.

    This is when I changed my name and said I'll leave as i felt bad.

    And there you go he leaves and to this day I'm still banned. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has had a similar experience as from my friends who I have told they all said the same thing is what they see with TripleCharged.

    P.S. Sorry if this is a sloppy thread it is my first time. Yes this is how pissed i am that i made my first and maybe only thread ever just for this.

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    got banned for what looks like being a tool. Dont think the admin cares about the spoiler, just cares that people be respectful, which this person clearly wasnt, ban well deserved
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