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Thread: What is the point of not being able to merge Accounts?

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    What is the point of not being able to merge Accounts?

    So I've been playing Smite for five years now and I've always played on PC and spent much much money on Skins and Gods etc.
    Now my PC is broken and I can’t afford a new one but I could play on the Xbox.. But the point that all the stuff I bought is Not available makes it way to Frustrating.
    What is the point in not allowing players to have what they paid for on different consoles. Its the same content on all platforms but I wont play it on different platforms when I can not get what I paid for just because it is another Platform..

    I dont know but this seems stupid to me.

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    They "could" do it, but due to a contract they had with sony and Microsoft they no longer can

    though with the upcoming cross platform multiplayer they may look to reopen it

    they may need to in order to make it that you can play with pc friends on xbox or vice versa
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