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Thread: Disconnected from loading screen and won't let me reconnect.

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    Disconnected from loading screen and won't let me reconnect.

    I got disconnected from a games loading screen and then was brought to the main lobby page where you hit "play". I couldn't reconnect and upon trying to select "play" and picking any queue it did absolutely nothing, and did not place me in a queue (not that I wanted to, I wanted to reconnect to the game I was in.) I tried to restart smite to see if I could connect, but the game was finished by that time.

    This exact problem happened to my friend a month or two ago. He quit playing smite because of it since it entails an hour long deserter and getting reported for afk for something that is obviously a problem with the smite client. If it wasn't a smite problem it almost definitely wouldn't have happened to my friend as well.
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