This is a topic i wanted to talk about for some time so...

one thing that i find quite stupid and nonsense is some kinds of harrashment reports, so heres the thing,most of my games(id say 4/5) i get stupid teammates that feed and in general are pure trash,so when im carrying these kind of games and trashtalk a teammate that is doing horrible they get mad and cry "report for harrashment" like a stupid 8 yo whose mom needs to censor tv channels so he doesnt get offended, like cmon, grow a fucking pair, if you are being trash at the game and the guy who is carrying your feeding ass trashtalks you, you do what he says and deal with it, nonsense in reporing for harrashment the guy that makes the game not last 10 mis.

just wanted to let the people that report for harrash the ppl that are clearly doing their job and are just calling you out for playing like trash to seriously "GROW A PAIR", if you seriously think that is harrashment youve got a clear problem or you are just 8 years old. like if you report me for trashtalking you when you are playing like shit and im carrying your ass ill just follow the same rules and report you for trolling very simple.

to finish it off i want to let you know a saying of mine that works 100% of the time :"if you dont want me to trashtalk/be toxic then dont be stupidly bad and you wont hear a word from me, simple"