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as long as crit exist, buff hunters = make game worse.
Except it doesn't work like that.

Since, one; all you do is allow people to interchange hunters. It doesn't make Hunters as a class any stronger. It doesn't make crits do more damage. It doesn't mean that people will run 5x Hunters in every game because they're the bestest class evar!

Also two; many hunters don't actually build crits. Heck, Cupid is fairly ability based (Most of his damage is from his Heart Bomb) and so usually goes for a more power/pen build instead of crit. So if anything, buffing Cupid = less crit hunters. But you'd know that if you actually bothered to do anything other than find a thread that mentions a Hunter and just post "TROLOLOLOLOLO CRIT TROLOLOLOLO"

Then three; None of these posts you make go into any detail so as to actually be relevant to the topic at hand. Take for example, this thread. Where OP is asking if people think Cupid needs a little boost (Which you also state is in the wrong section, however, given the wording, it could be interpreted as asking people for tips/builds to make the god function better in addition to providing feedback meaning this subforum is entirely relevant). Your response is "Crit is broken". Did you say that Cupid is broken with crit? Did you say that Cupid cannot be buffed because he'd become too strong (Compared to other Hunters, which is the baseline for balancing) due to how he synergizes with crit? Did you state why you feel Cupid is in a decent spot because he can use crit to make up for his weaknesses?


You did nothing. You posted irrelevant nonsense just like you do in the majority of threads you visit.

If you want to post how much you hate crit, here, go knock yourself out and let people who actually have brains discuss things in threads where people are posting actual content with discussion value.