Hi, i am not a ranked player but as a someone who like to watch pro matches i think smite definitely needs much more than 4 bans for each side. On the other hand i dont remember if on any SWC were so many "need to ban gods" than now. Its not fun to watch matches like this, when over and over again were played/banned same gods. Few surprise picks were played on Dreamhack but most matches were decided by pick/bans. I m sick of seeing these types of picks, like assassins supp, mages solo. Yes, it was fun when few years before guys on SPL brings some gods which were unusual on role, but...Nowadays if you see guardian on support role, assassin in jungle and warrior on solo you are surprised. Thanks to the gods Deathwalker uses still warriors
To matches:
-if you pick Fenrir over and over again, someone pick awilix to counter you hard.
- neith pick was wow for me
-swk unpopular this season, but thumbs up to Rivals