Seriously what has happened? I've been away from gaming for about a year and a half since my daughter was born. Built a brand new computer and wanted to test out the performance in gaming.

The client is so slow to load. The matches are so glitchy and people are jumping around all over the place. When I get a good match I can tell the game mechanics have improved and the Gods are... relatively balanced but what is this client lag? I am going to get to my build shortly but seriously why has Smite degraded in performance? That isn't something that should be occurring when it used to work perfectly fine on my older machine I've retired and disassembled to build a server. I have to, every other game, restart the client to play because it skips and glitches. I LOVE Smite and have been playing it since Beta but things are clearly messed up with so much here.

First red flag... they ask in install where you want to install the client which defaults to C:\Program Files (x86)\Hi-Rez Studios but it also installs files in: C:\hireztemp C:\HiRezGames C:\Users\"username"\Documents\My Games

As well as in AppData. It is so far reaching and spread out that you can't even uninstall it to repair. The diagnostic tool doesn't even work anymore. It is completely broken for repair through their services. It USED to work.

I had to go into my registry to fully uninstall the game and ended up resorting to an install through Steam because it wasn't working to reinstall. I thought I'd be able to get it going through there but it still is just as glitchy.

Things I've done to improve the situation based on other people's complaints that are similar to mine:

Disabled Firewall and Windows Defender - this was after affirming all throughput was fine and the correct ports were open for Smite.

Setup Port Forwarding on Modem

Disabled Active Scanning in Windows Defender

Did a memtest

Ran in Compatibility Mode for Win8 and Win7

Ran as Administrator

Shut down and disconnected my other two monitors (I have three)

Lowered Graphics quality to minimum

Ran in DX9 (both 32bit and 64bit) and DX11 (64bit)

Played Smite as the only program running on a clean boot

I don't use antivirus, I only use backups to a network drive within my homelab.

Uninstall (as mentioned) - deleted everything because there is not uninstall for Smite but there is an uninstall for Hi-Rez Studios Games. And for some ungodly reason doesn't even uninstall Smite. There is no Program list item for Smite itself like it was before.

Cleared Registry of everything I possibly could from this developer.

Installed through Steam

Removed overclocking from GPU for testing balance issues.

And of course early on made sure all drivers were up to date.

Disabled my dual NIC configuration in NetLBFOTeam, also tested with a Bridged connection.

(Essentially I've cut it down to barebones software and have left myself wide open just to test the issues)

Setup: Windows 10 Profession 64-bit Build 17763

SABERTOOTH 990FX Motherboard

AMD FX 3110 Mhz 4 Cores, 8 Logical Processors (Overclocked)

GeForce GTX 660 Ti Overclocked

DDR 1800 16GB RAM

476GB SSD (Primary)

464GB HDD (Media Drive - Irrelevant as nothing of Smite is on it)

Running a dual hard-line LAN at 2Ghz in a NetLBFOTeam

I am not using BitLocker encryption and I have a pretty basic setup at the moment and simply wanted to test my computer for gaming and missed Smite but it has been a horrible experience.

Coming from an IT and Cybersecurity background the only conclusion I can come up with is they have given up on this game. People say it isn't optimized for Windows 10 but I had it working fine on my old PC which was Windows 10 as well. Upgrading my PC shouldn't make it go to shit. I am completely at a loss as to what is causing this shit but I am severely disappointed that it is so unplayable on relatively new equipment.

The screwed up part is that I'm more than willing to spend money on the game to contribute to the development. The new skins are awesome as hell. I'll throw them dough but not when the game performs this shitty.

I was so addicted to Smite before my daughter was born. I love this game and I come back to revisit it and is goes to shit like this? It is practically unplayable.

ALSO I think I failed to mention, if I hit ' i ' , ' t ' or any other option the client freezes completely for at least 5 seconds. For no apparent reason this happens consistent. Sometimes causing the client to freeze completely and I have to restart it in the middle of a match.

ALSO my event logger in admin tools is stating that the client just randomly stops responding with a generic error code that alludes to nothing helpful at all but says it is about the firewall... which is completely disabled.